GN1 Intercooler 'Extreme' Front Mount
Price: $599.00

This is a GN1Performance "EXTREME FRONT MOUNT INTERCOOLER" for a 1986 or 1987 Buick Grand National, T Type, Turbo T, or GNX 3.8 liter turbo V6.

Its custom hand built aluminum front mount intercooler with the bar and plate core. This intercooler comes complete with all the aluminum pipes and hardware needed to put on your car today!

The dimensions of this intercoolers core are 24x11x3, and from tank to tank is 30.5 inches in total length featuring 3" inlet and outlets. Tube sizes are all 3 inches in diameter and are mandrel bent aluminum pipes. This intercooler is light weight and good for up to 800hp. This intercooler has no turbo lag.
* Please specify when purchasing what size throttle body and what size your turbo outlet is so we can provide you with the correct hoses.

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