Fun on the lake

Taylor and Ashlyn

Taylor's and Ashlyn's 1st ride!

Fun at Otis

Fun in the water

My granddaughter... getting the hang of it

Kitty ... couple tweaks

Kitty's 1st 8 second pass, 8.97@151

The Bird Whisperer ...

The Pumpkin

1st wheel stand at NED for me and the Pumpkin..

Kiddie on the Bumper

Worked on the suspension and 60ft times the previous 3 launches. Each pass, the 60ft improved, although the track usually goes away as the day progresses. We installed a new lower sway bar that has worked amazing on this car.. This last pass I threw a little more timing in from the launch up to 20lbs... we got the hook down the pass before ...

Kiddie, 1/8 mile pass

Tim H 10.35, 130mph, pump gas and meth

Tim Hawk ... 23lbs of boost, pump gas and meth

The Grumpkin!! 2nd pass, Kiddie

Just the second pass, still working a mild tune, coasting after passing the other car at 1/2 track. Keeping a febder on him ....

May 20, 2017

March 18, 2017

Go back to sleep little one

Feb coyote hunt ....

The Grumpkins 1st start up ...

Customer from Arkansas, stage 2 built for 8 second performance. 274ci stage 2 153 block, Champion race ported R heads, Diamond pistons, Comp billet roller solid cam, TAP headers, 160lb injectors, Champion ported intake, 3.625 billet crank, Crower rods. Cottons, custom built 3.5" down pipe, 6" Cotton's custom inter cooler with 3" inlet pipe. 4" outlet pipe, 4" Cotton's custom built aluminum exhaust system, custom built breather kit, modified alum radiator and dual fan. FAST XFI, Rosseler T400, Moser 9" rear end and a lot more..

Claude, Buick Grand National runs 9.53@144

This is one of my customers car. Claude from Canada, it's an awesome car full weight Buick Grand National. Upgraded St2 motor with Champion heads, turbo 400, PTC convertor, Strange S-60 rear end with Baer Brakes all the way around. Cotton's custom front mount inter-cooler, 4" down pipe, Turbonetics RG-45 waste gate, Garrett GTX-42R turbo and a FAST XFI tuned by Jack Cotton. This is pretty much our 1st time to the track, we made a total of 3 passes, 2 half track passes for tuning, the final pass was a full track pull. Lots of room left for tuning. I was working on the launch as well as the tune, 1st 2 passes were basically 10.1, 10.2 passes lifting at the 1\8, the 3rd pass netted a 9.53@144 with a 1.47 60ft. The 1st 2 passes were 1.57, then a 1.51 60ft. I'm looking forward to another trip to the track soon after a few more tweeks... we'll see what we can do. Pretty good so far for a somewhere around 3800 to 4000lbs street car all options included and working. This car also has a 10pt cage and both frt seats are power assisted..

My Gandaughters first shots..

Taylor taking her first shots with a single shot Rossie 22lr.

My home built AK AMD, Part 1

My new AK AMD , Part 2

First time shooting my new AMD I just assembled it yesterday from a parts kit from, great kit thanks to Curtis and mostly thanks to Ink, 7.62, SKRay and all the rest of the "guys"... I couldn't be doing this vid without all the help..

PayPal Sellers beware

Paypal just allowed my business to be robbed of 3500 dollars and $3500 worth of product making it a $7000 swing out of my business by a robber that disputed the quality of the product I sent him, Pay Pal decided he could return the product and they would return money. We actually called PP, spoke with reps on multiple occassions, being assured we could not be frauded. The buyer was confirmed.. etc, etc... Well, buyer disputed the product saying some it appeared used and one part didn't look like the right part. Bear in mind I sent the customer $3500 worth of brandy new Champion Racing full ported aluminum heads, GN1 intake, roller rockers and Accufab throttlebody. PP informed me that the buyer was returning the product and upon me receiving the product, I was to refund him. Well, you all can see what he sent back, as soon as I signed the UPS board, PP was electonically notified, the buyer was instantly refunded his $3500 and I am now out $3500 cash, and $3500 worth of NEW product!! Inspite of what PP told me, and inspite of immediately calling them and getting a rep on the phone. There is more to this drama, it is still being investigated, but the perp has the heads and the money and right now, my PP account is a sham. People need to know, PP does not protect your assets nor do they care. It is obvious where their priority is...

Say heillo to my other leittle friend - UTAS 15

First time shooting my UTAS 15 pump shotgun

First shot from my Safety Harbor 50 BMG

First time at the range shooting my new Safety Harbor 50 BMG upper, the recoil wasn't bad, but the whole concussion from the event..... was crazy. I shot a total of 8 shots, the first 6 were to get it on paper and hitting a bullseye. The next 2 were shot at a 3\4 piece of steel. Lets just say, there are 2 big holes in the steel plate.

Bill's first spool-up test

So we did a little tweaking, bled the brakes, put some tires on the back, hooked up the laptop so we could do a recording and dropped it in gear to see how it would spool. Still lots of tweaking to do, need to work on the IAC, idle is irratic, either a little too high or low.. but we really just wanted to see how it would spool compared to the previous engine\ATR header and turbo. I would say, the new motor, Built by Bill's Buddy Donnie is absolutely Babababaaaaad to the Bone... The new headers by my son Brian seem to work as good as they look!! Lots of tuning to do yet, and even more work to do with the cell phone camera...

Bill's 1st start up.mp4

Start up of bills car the pumpkin 2

Cotton's Performance 8.45@167.72

Last qualifying pass to take the top qualifying spot... thought it was lost, but Brian did some serious driving. He ran 8.454 to beat out John's 8.455!!! From this angle you'll see why my heart was in my stomach...

Cotton's Performance 8.36@167

Brian Cotton making the 1st pass off the trailer with our V6 turbo TType at Cecil County with the Pumpkin. This is a new record setting pass for our car. You can see me, a concerned father watching his son make his fastest pass ever.. a proud father, I can also tell you my wife Lorrie was just as proud and emotional as I was watching from the other side of the track. A big thank you to Richie R from a great video shot , thanks so much!!

Cotton's Performance, 8.50

Cecil County Dragway, 10-02-2010

Cotton's Performance, 8.454

Cecil County Dragway, 10-02-2010

Cotton's Performance, 8.57

Cecil County Dragway, 10-02-2010 Brian Cotton driving..

Claude 004.avi

second 9 second pass on a new combo, watch the red car change lanes on the top end. He suddenly showed up in my rearview mirror just before the finish line at 135mph after I eased past him.....