Grand National Cheetah Stage 1 Ceramic Bearing
  • Flange view of the turbocharger
  • Turbo Flange Side View
  • GN Turbo Flange View

Price: $1,371.65
Turbonetics Product by Turbonetics

All Grand National Turbochargers are available with the exclusive Ceramic Ball Bearing option. A Ceramic Ball Bearing equipped GN turbocharger provides unparalleled accleration and response that eliminates the need for a high-stall converter. All Turbonetics "Cheetah" series turbos are direct "bolt-on" and may be used with the original exhaust/wastegate configuration or the recommended Evolution (part# 10780) and Variable Boost Control Kit (Part# 10402)
Comp. Wheel: 60-1
Comp. Inlet/Outlet: 3.0in/2.0in
Turbine Wheel: F1-57
Turbine Housing: GN 0.63 A/R
Turbine Housing Inlet / Outlet: GN / GN

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