Cotton's Performance has been servicing Turbo Buicks, as well as other makes of performance cars, since 1994.  Jack Cotton the founder of Cotton’s Performance began his journey by working with just a few customers with stock Grand Nationals and it was not long before he owned one himself. Inturn he began the journey to his current 8 second street car, “The Great Pumpkin”.   This led to others from all over the country seeking his expertise in servicing and building turbo cars.

Jack shared his knowledge with his youngest son Brian Cotton, who began working in his father’s shop at a young age and quickly became a lead technician. Brian also branched out to other performance vehicles and custom modification as well. He has become a master welder and fabricator, along with becoming an expert in Grand National and Turbos vehicles.  Like his father he currently races his own Buick Turbo T, constantly working on obtaining more power.

As of 2021 Brian Cotton and his wife Shelley have taken over this family business continuing on the legacy of building the iconic Buick Grand National along with many other performance cars. Cotton's Performance is a top notch facility with the capability of building any level performance turbo, strip or street car.

Please contact us with all of your performance and car needs.